Hansner BFS Services (International) is a division of BFS Machinery Company. We provide well trained and skilled Operators and Engineers to operate and maintains your highly advanced Blow-Fill-Seal Technology machines to deliver the uninterrupted production. The professional approach to operate the expensive ‘B-F-S Machines’ helps to deliver the production targets and earn more Dollars. The global pharma MNCs are shifting from the conventional way, by outsourcing their BFS operational activity for many benefits.


The Problem:


  1. Hard to find and retain the skilled BFS professionals, all over the world

  2. Companies fail to reap the benefits available with BFS machines

  3. Restrictions to buy multiple BFS brands

  4. BFS Machines are spoiled and damaged due to poor handling

  5. The owners are always at the mercy of such skilled people

  6. During break-downs, the Response Time from the faraway located OEM is too high

  7. Higher rejection, less accountability

  8. Production targets go for a toss

  9. Loss of Market Share due to short supply

  10. No control over continuous service & maintenance costs

  11. The BFS running cost has the highest share in overall production cost.

  12. Higher costs of production continuously affect the P&L


The Solution:


Let the Real Expert operate & maintain your Blow Fill Seal Machines.



Operations Outsourcing Benefits..?


  1. Blow-Fill-Seal Un-Limited

  2. The only organized place to rely on, for your BFS Professionals requirements

  3. One point solutions for multiple BFS brands

  4. Now you can buy & own multiple brands

  5. Thorough understanding of the BFS System

  6. Trained professionals to operate the aseptic filling on BFS Machines

  7. 24x7 work environment with consistent delivery

  8. Quick support response around the world

  9. International presence

  10. Target oriented operation

  11. Routine preventive maintenance

  12. In-house break-down maintenance

  13. Expert team to handle major break-downs quickly & efficiently

  14. Least dependency on faraway located OEMs

  15. You are completely insured against employee turnover & uncertainty

  16. You need not be at mercy of any specific employee

  17. Losses due to rejection are controlled

  18. Production budgeting and cost control measures

  19. Incentive based pay system to the operating staff for better delivery

  20. Continuous training to operators

  21. More than 75% saving in maintenance & break-down cost

  22. Allows you to focus on Strategic areas like sales and growth

  23. Machine condition is maintained very well

  24. Facilitates arrangement of the spare parts quickly from the OEMs at low cost

  25. Timely supply grows your Market Share






1. Operators (Technicians): 


This function ensures:

  • Shift Operation

Per machine per shift, one Sr. Operator & one Jr. Operator cum support staff is recommended. One will be the skilled operator and second will be the semi-skilled. One reliever per five operators to manage weekly off. The combination will be of Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics etc.



2. Junior Engineers : 


This function ensures -

  • Shift Production,
  • minor break-down maintenance,
  • Spares inventory etc.
  • One Jr. Engineer is recommended per shift.


3. Senior Engineers: 


This function ensures -

  • production targets
  • preventive maintenance etc.
  • almost all break-down maintenance
  • One Sr. Engineer is recommended for 1 to 6 machines depending on the machine conditions.


4. Manager:


This function ensures –

  • production targets,
  • almost all breakdown maintenance,
  • preventive maintenance,
  • Spare parts management,
  • Manpower planning
  • Production Planning,
  • Budgets and Cost Control etc.
  • Per plant one Manager is recommended.


5. Highly Skilled Personnel (Consultants):


For your short term assignments like Greenfield Projects, Feasibility Study, Process Design, Expansion, Audits etc. no need to employ the full time experts. Just hand over the work to Hansner.


The Cost:

The average cost will be less than 75% as compared to the conventional methods of handling operations, breakdowns, loss of production etc.

Hansner designs apt operational plan considering the customer needs, geographic location, operating hours, work responsibilities, Health & Safety etc.

In case of breakdown or operational damages, it must be understood and agreed that Hansner is a Tech Company and NOT an Insurance Company.


 Technical Support:

  • The inhouse placed Hansner team follows the preventive maintenance schedule, recommended by the OEM.
  • The minor breakdown maintenance is managed inhouse.
  • In case of major incidence, the operators have 24x7 telephonic support.
  • The follow up is done by the Key Accounts personnel to resolve the break-down faster.
  • The OEM will be called in case of Warranty or as per the Customer’s opinion.
  • If required, the Senior Specialists or Engineers are deputed on the job as per the client’s approval.
  • Minimum spares inventory is advised to be maintained.


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Blow-Fill-Seal Operations

Hansner is BFS Professional’s own organisation with a global presence.

Achieve the Targets set and take home a new Car..!

Celebrate Many Rewards year after year….



Benefits of working with Hansner

  • Multi-National Culture
  • Global Postings
  • International lifestyle
  • Attractive remunerations
  • Location transfer flexibility
  • Fast Promotions & Rewards
  • Work Satisfaction
  • Supportive & Professional environment
  • Shared work pressure for Peace of mind
  • Work Hard, Make History, Have Fun
  • Happiness unlimited


Send your CV on email only:


We may require below professionals with BFS working experience as well as freshers:

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • BFS Operator
  • Mechanical Fitter
  • Electrician
  • Programmer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • BFS Engineering Manager
  • Pharma Operations Professionals
  • International Business Development / International Marketing Professionals

Before you send your CV, please ensure to including below details:


  • Your Qualification
  • Experience / current Job profile
  • BFS Knowledge or fresher
  • Why we should hire you? / Achievement in BFS field
  • Are you ready for long term International assignment?
  • Current Salary
  • Expected salary at local & global locations. (in US$)
  • Time to join
  • Any Health issues / Medical Fitness
  • Passport Copy for international assignments
  • Any Police records
  • Visa Rejection in past
  • Countries travelled
  • Driving License for bike / Car / Heavy vehicle driving
  • Languages known
  • Full Photo in colour

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